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St. Michael’s Church

High Street
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St. Michael’s is at the lower end of the High Street in Sittingbourne, next to the cinema, and almost on the corner of Bell Road/High Street. St. Michael’s has its main entrance on the High Street, and is fully flat to the pavement.

The church is a short walk (about half a mile) from the train station – when you leave the train station, head left down St. Michael’s Road. On a Sunday there is no bus service into the High Street.

On a Sunday there is a small amount of free and unrestricted parking in the High Street, but it can fill up fast (limited to 20 minutes Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm). There is also free, unrestricted parking on Bell Road and residential streets close by.

St. Michael’s Road Car Park is immediately behind the church. This is a council run car park, and costs £2 for 2 hours (from 8am to 6pm every day) – you can access it from St. Michael’s Road (please see map). There is also a council carpark at Swale House (the council offices on Bell Road).  This is accessed from St. Michael’s Road behind the church. If you are coming down Bell Road towards town, turn left for St. Michael’s Road Car Park and right for Swale House Car Park. More information about council run carparks can be found at

St. Mary’s Church

Park Road
ME10 1DZ

St. Mary’s church is situated on Park Road, Sittingbourne, which is fully residential. The entrance to the building is down a pathway (accessible from Park Road or from Unity Street behind the church), and is completely free of steps.

There is unrestricted, free parking on Sundays on all surrounding roads. During the week (Monday-Saturday), it is mainly limited to two hours (from 8am to 6pm or residential permits).







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